Los Gatos Christian's 2016 Boys Volleyball Champions (Commissioned-Prints are not available for sale)

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Los Gatos Christian's 2016 Boys Volleyball Champions (Commissioned-Prints are not available for sale)


Artwork Description:
The Los Gatos Christian's 2016 Boys Volleyball team’s parents commissioned the artist to create this Mixed Media painting team in honor of the Coaches: Miss Nadine Ruhe, Mrs. Virginia Holden and Mr. Doug Rigg.
This art piece celebrate the team's 1st Place  win in the League in the South Division, as well as their BACSAL Tournament as CHAMPIONS! Congratulations LGCS Lions!  

- I was inspired by the team's cheer, so I had used it as the quote for the typography: "LIONS on Me, LIONS ON 3, 1-2-3 LIONS!"
 Notice that the words "On Me" is placed above Head Coach Rue's image :)

- On the top left, I placed the Final Score 22-25 on the Scoreboard as an underpainting behind the team's victory image

- I also cut-up, stitched and used the players' original gym clothes and jerseys throughout the piece as an underpainting, with the intention of showing through the original typography on the fabric underneath my own hand-painted lettering ("Property of Class 2016 Los Gatos Christian School" from one of the boy's gym uniform is shown underneath the word "LIONS" near the center; the school's "LION mascot and LGCS Athletics' LOGO" also from another old gym uniform is behind the VOLLEYBALL NET.

-The image of Michael Jorgensen (one of the team's captain) spiking the ball in front of the net is shown at the left center. Michael's image has inspired me to place an actual net on this piece... I had a lot of fun integrating the volleyball net to depict that the net is "attempting" to hold both the LION logo and the team, but I "burned holes" in the net to symbolize that it's "impossible to hold-back" the LIONS' courage, resilience, skills, and team spirit!

Materials: Acrylic paints, gels and Mediums, photographs, original clippings from LGCS 2014, 2013 & 2016 yearbook and 2016 Sports Award Night, tissue paper, volleyball net, rusted nails, original fabric from the team's old P.E. and jerseys.

Accepting Commissioned Art Projects:

I accept commissioned art projects so if you would like something custom made for you or your client, please contact me so we may discuss what you would like done. 

If you'd like me to integrate your own photographs into the artwork, they need to have high quality overall -- in terms of what's included in the frame, contrast, balance and size. I will also need the creative freedom to follow my intuition to produce a well-composed mixed-media collage. A deposit is required before I start on a commissioned project.  To learn more about my Commission Work processes, please visit this link.

Copyright Notice:

Please note that unless I expressly sign over copyright to the person who's commissioned the painting or it was done as work for hire, copyright remains with the Artist (me). Owning the actual original painting is not the same as owning copyright and reproduction rights in the painting.

If you are looking for special uniqueness, a high-level of personalization, and a truly extraordinary customized artwork which expresses our authentic human experience and emotional connections, or captures the deep history of the subject matter, contact me for a commissioned painting.

I am a storyteller. When I approach a project, I contemplate the story, memories, emotions and sentiments that I want to convey. I want my work to be meaningful, and to start awareness -- whether the artwork is about honoring someone's loved one, a family's togetherness, special events, or a humanitarian cause... Art has the power to steer people toward the truth or to an individual's redemptive identity.

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